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May 18, 2018

Cobram Primary School principal Matt Knight.

Cobram Primary School: Front row (left to right) Amelia, Kiannah, Zebo, Mohammad, Daneeka, Lilly. Second row (left to right) Tyra’Lilly, Stephen, Akirah-Lee, Tyenan, Kaden, Adam, Ali. Third Row (Left to right) Dylan, Mia D, Isabelle, Ashtyn, Tae, Dustin. Back row (left to right) Wade, Junior, Narkaa, Mikaylah, Mia C, Indianna.

■What are some characteristics or qualities about your school?

Our facilities are second to none – modern, spacious and perfectly arranged for individual and collaborative learning.

We have a modern and unique approach to wellbeing, having employed a qualified social worker and as a school we prioritise student engagement, welfare and mindfulness.

We offer small classroom sizes, which allow us to assist those who require extra help and extend those that are excelling.

Programs are individualised to the specific child’s needs.

Our teachers know children and know exactly what they need to consistently move to the next stage in their learning.

■Why should parents consider your school as an option to send their children?

Children and families that attend Cobram Primary School can be confident our staff will always go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure they receive the best possible teaching and learning experience.

A child’s wellbeing is always at the centre of our approach. We work co-operatively with families.

At Cobram Primary School we care about and treat every child as if they’re our own because when you attend our school – you become a part of our family.

Our Reader’s Workshop model has attracted interest from many other schools around this region and surrounding areas.

Every day between 9am and 10am every class in our school works as a Reader’s Workshop. It’s fantastic. I urge any and all community members to come in for a look at what we do.

■What does your school offer in terms of extra-curricular activities, camps and trips?

We follow the Victorian curriculum and our teachers always look to teach using student interests.

Research based innovative and academic approaches to literacy and numeracy ensure quality curriculum delivery across all year levels.

Extracurricular activities include: camps, excursions and incursions of the highest quality.

Our sporting program includes: physical education classes, a perceptual motor program, athletics, cross-country, interschool sports and a structured play program every lunch time.

We also have a fantastic art program that caters for all children (no matter age or ability).

■What are your favourite activities or hobbies outside of school?

Personally, I enjoy spending much of my spare time with my family. I have two young children and love nothing more than “family time”.

However, I do find time to fit in sport. I play cricket and I’m an avid football fan.

■What are your school’s key milestones and achievements over the past year?

Our student engagement and wellbeing data has gone through the roof. Children are happy at our school, they are engaged, feel confident in their learning and feel safe. Our attendance has improved dramatically and our parent satisfaction and approval levels are excellent. Our workshop model has seen improved reading results and we are really proud of students work in writing and numeracy.

And lastly in inspiration of the Education Week theme ‘Celebrating the Arts’.

■How does your school or facility support students in arts subjects including dance, drama, music, visual arts and media arts?

Performing arts are a part of everyday life at CPS. Teachers incorporate music, drama and dance into many different curriculum areas.

We conduct a biannual school production/stage show extravaganza and in recent times we have worked with iPads making movies and producing clips as a form of art.

This has been a lot of fun and all of us (teachers included) have learnt amazing things about the opportunities technology presents.

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