House sale raises funds for aged-care

By Cobram Courier

It is not every day a service group raises $143773 dollars from one project, but that is exactly what the Rotary Club of Cobram managed to pull off.

At the club’s annual changeover dinner, the cheque was presented to an extremely grateful Ottrey Lodge board, with the money to go towards the Ottrey Lodge aged-care facility which is now well and truly in the advanced stages of an upgrade.

Ottrey Lodge is undergoing a $4million refurbishment to bring the facility up to a modern standard, as well as adding a new dementia wing.

The money was raised through the Rotary House Project, the brainchild of Moira Shire Mayor Libro Mustica, who used his vast experience in building at Oasis Homes to construct the house.

It was his vision that local tradesmen would donate their time and materials free of charge.

Because it was being constructed for free, the site secured in October 2015 was not completed until October 2017. It sold in January for $380000.

Former Rotary president Neil Kerr said the club had always intended to give a substantial sum of money to Ottrey Lodge as it had members on the Ottrey Lodge board and had always supported Ottrey financially.

Mr Kerr said this donation would be important for the people of Cobram.

‘‘I think it’s a necessary evil because everyone is getting older and we are running out of beds in the aged-care area, so it is definitely needed in the Cobram district for sure,’’ he said.

Mr Kerr said Mr Mustica, Dom Tedesco and Trevor Noonan deserved huge praise for their efforts, but all major sponsors and committee members played an integral part in getting the project off the ground.