Sheep sale report

June 15, 2018

Elders Rural Services Jerilderie manager Nick Gray with Jess Trent-Smith and Ian Geddes with a pen of Poll Dorset lambs that made $190.

Lamb numbers declined by half in what is best described as a true winter’s yarding at Deniliquin on Tuesday, with decent lines of good quality lambs scarce.

One agency did have a reasonable line-up of sheep, mainly Merino ewes, which boosted mutton supplies above the levels of a fortnight ago.

The small core of regular buyers operated in a dearer market.

There was no big export weight lambs on offer, and the opening pens of heavy trade weight lambs off grain sold from $170 to a top of $190/head.

The main run of crossbred lambs in the 22-24kg carcase weight range sold from $156 to $169/head.

Light weight lambs made from $116 to $135/head for most.

Carcase prices improved with most of the better style lamb sales making from an estimated 620c to 670c/kg carcase weight (cwt).

In the Merino run the pick of the trade weights off grain sold to $172/head, and the good Merino lambs improved to be trending over 600c/kg cwt.

Mutton prices improved for all but some of the plainest Dorper ewes.

The heavier Merino ewes 24kg cwt and above sold from $141 to $150, while the next grade down in the 18-24kg cwt range made from $90 to $132/head depending on fat cover and skin values.

The bulk of the sheep were estimated as costing processors from 465c to 510c/kg cwt.

Top prices:

Ewes – GR & BA McCallum, $160; Ewes and lambs – JA Fitzpatrick, $125; Hoggets – NG & LE Graham, $140; Lambs – Mookara Partnership, $190; Rams – R & K Wren, $100; Ram lambs – Noobnoorac, $123; Wethers – DJ Redfearn, $140.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and Elders Rural Services Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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