Time is right for solar

By Benalla Ensign

Benalla great-grandmother Barbara Buchanan was pleased to finally install a solar system, after planning to for many years.

Barbara and her late husband had always expected to install solar panels when the technology and price became ‘right’ — and she felt that time had arrived.

Each day the solar panels will generate electricity which can be used throughout the house and the excess can be exported to the grid.

The panels will create savings which will pay for themselves in about six years and then they will deliver free day-time power for the next quarter of a century.

With a life-time professional commitment to Australian native plants, Barbara is keenly aware of the fragility of nature and it is this awareness that has driven her decision to go solar.

‘‘The threat of climate change is so immediate, we all need to work to reduce our carbon emissions — now is the time to act,’’ Mrs Buchanan said.

Renewable Energy Benalla (REB) convenor John Lloyd joined Barbara to inspect the new installation.

With the support of Benalla Rural City, REB has partnered with Mondo Power to offer local residents and businesses solar and battery systems with an integration system called an Ubi.

The aim of the Ubi is to prepare Benalla for a low-carbon emissions future.

‘‘REB believes that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible to reduce the impact of climate change and to leave the planet in a better state for future generations,’’ Mr Lloyd said.

‘‘One way of doing this is to move away from fossil fuel based energy to clean renewable energy.

‘‘Renewable Energy Benalla’s vision is for our town to become a zero net energy community by 2028.

‘‘REB congratulates Barbara and her vision to install the solar system.’’

Benalla Rural City residents have only days left to sign up for an obligation free site-inspection.

To start the process, visit

The program closes on December 10.