Top students recognised

By Cobram Courier

At its recent grandparent’s day assembly, Cobram Anglican Grammar School’s brightest academic minds were recognised for outstanding International Competitions and Assessments for Schools results.

ICAS’s are assessments, designed to recognise and reward academic excellence.

‘‘The assessments are based on the curricula for the relevant year,’’ teacher Melanie Smith.

‘‘Students are asked to demonstrate a deeper, integrated, and thorough level of learning.’’

To ensure an engaging and beneficial experience for all students, new ICAS assessments are developed each year for each subject in every year level.

‘‘This year Cobram Anglican Grammar School participated in digital technology, English, writing, mathematics, science and spelling and had many outstanding results,’’ Ms Smith said.

The following students took home honours:

Digital technology:

High distinction – Cody Lincoln (Victorian winner)

Distinction – Cedric Pang, Abigail Brooker, Cadence Pang, Liam Smith

Credit – Lachlan Rouse, Martin Kong, Sanuda Diyagama, Harrison Brooker, Rory Brooker and Thomas Smith


High distinction – Cody Lincoln (Victorian winner)

Distinction – Cadence Pang, Rory Brooker, Liam Smith

Credit – Cedric Pang, Lachlan Rouse, Martin Kong, Sanuda Diyagama, Harrison Brooker, Thomas Smith and Maddix Kong


High distinction – Cody Lincoln

Distinction – Cedric Pang, Julian Guthrie, Cadence Pang, Ainsley Guthrie, Liam Smith

Credit – Martin Kong, Sanuda Diyagama, Rory Brooker, Teagan Clarke, Maddix Kong, Mostafa Alkundi

Merit – Thomas Corso


High distinction — Regan Rouse,

Distinction – Julian Guthrie, Ainsley Guthrie, Sanuda Diyagama, Thomas Smith

Credit – Cedric Pang, Cadence Pang, Harrison Brooker, Liam Smith

Merit – Mostafa Alkundi


Distinction – Cadence Pang

Credit – Parneet Sidhu

Merit – Cedric Pang


High distinction – Cadence Pang

Distinction – Cedric Pang

Credit – Regan Rouse, Sanuda Diyagama, Mostafa Alkundi

Australian mathematics competition:

High distinction – Cedric Pang, Cadence Pang, Cody Lincoln

Distinction – Julian Guthrie, Thomas Corso, Hannah Logie, Liam Smith

Credit – Lizbeth Donald, Regan Rouse, Jordan Su, Ainsley Guthrie, Lachlan Rouse, Martin Kong, Rory Brooker


Distinction – Cody Lincoln, Liam Smith

Credit – Cadence Pang, Martin Kong, Rory Brooker, Thomas Smith