Sue sports a new ‘do’

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

A family connection to cancer prompted Sue Soding to shave her head for the World’s Greatest Shave on Tuesday, after raising almost three times her target goal.

Mrs Soding said she had hoped to raise $560 for the cause, but by Tuesday had $1630 in donations.

‘‘I am thankful for everyone who donated and appreciate they fact so many people got involved. I am also proud of the individuals who go through this (losing their hair) involuntarily.

‘‘Even in drought our little community has managed to continue being generous, no matter the hardship.’’

Mrs Soding said she signed up for the World’s Greatest Shave, which raises money for the Leukaemia Foundation, after finding a close connection to the disease.

‘‘Two of my family members have had blood cancer, so I wanted to raise money on their behalf,’’ she said.

‘‘I also wanted to better understand and become empathetic to the women and men who have lost their hair through no choice of their own.

‘‘Primarily for women, and even men too, hair is a big part of someone identity’s; it’s a status and symbol of how that person chooses to express themselves.

‘‘I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have the hardship of the emotional impact and not being able to express that or change something on the outside.

‘‘I have had a shorter haircut previously and people look at the style as a symbol of sickness.’’

While the World’s Greatest Shave encourages people to ‘‘be brave and shave’’, Mrs Soding said it’s not a moniker she is comfortable with.

‘‘People have said these things to me but I’m not brave, it’s not about me at all it’s about supporting the cause.

‘‘The brave individuals who currently have or had cancer are the ones people should be saying this to. I just hope this (shaving my head) can improve someone’s life.’’

Mrs Soding had help in creating her new hair do from Hair 29 hairdressers Nadia Cowley and Melissa Wardlaw.