A special celebration

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin business Barber & Threadz celebrates its first birthday this week, and it’s a huge achievement for owner Simone Learmonth who opened the business on June 20, 2018.

The single mother of three decided she needed to work towards something that would continue to bring in a regular income.

‘‘I was working casual before I opened which wasn’t enough to support three active and fast growing children. I was using all the money in my savings just on weekly groceries and knew I needed to make a change,’’ Ms Learmonth said.

‘‘All new businesses start out slowly until they build a clientele, and that was me. But I am pleased to say 12 months later I am rolling along nicely.

‘‘Obviously I love what I do. I think I love it more than ever now and will celebrate the birthday with sales on Thursday and Friday.’’

Ms Learmonth is a finalist in the 2019 Deniliquin Business Excellence Awards for Outstanding Business Leader, Outstanding New Business and Start Up Superstar.

‘‘I am so excited. Last year the awards were on the week I opened and I thought to myself ‘I want to be there next year’.

‘‘My business has allowed me to sponsor a few of our local sporting clubs including Rams, Rovers and Deni Junior Giants.

“Being a local business and having young kids involved in sports, I just wanted to give a little back to those who have supported me.

‘‘Over the last 12 months I have introduced JL the barber to the Deniliquin community. JL is an award winning barber who visits Barber & Threadz working in the shop on a Saturday doing amazing patterns and cuts.

‘‘I have also committed to having a site out at the Ute Muster and will be the first barbershop there.’’

Ms Learmonth said she never thought she would open a business, but doesn’t regret it.

‘‘To anyone who is thinking about giving it a go, just do it. If you have the passion you might just surprise yourself.

‘‘The Deniliquin community has been amazing. I don’t have any immediate family in Deniliquin so I feel very lucky to live in such a supportive community.’’