Lockington bowls

By Riverine Herald


The club welcomed City of Echuca bowlers to the weekly game of Scrounge with better weather conditions suiting the occasion.

There were four rinks in operation with the evergreen Alan Kauffman going back-to-back for another win scoring 60 points to finish ahead of Max Clifford with 50.

Andrew Harris returned home to show great form in tallying 51 points and winning from Kalvin Stout with 48.

On rink three Russell Shawcross was in fine touch to manage 46 points and defeat a fast finishing Phillip Cunnington with 34.

On the final rink Annie Haines was in control to amass 40 points with June Clifford in second place on 31.

The game of scrounge is held on each Wednesday, starting at 1.00pm. Flat-soled shoes required and bowls are available. The women held their annual general meeting recently with Kath Palmer appointed to the position of president for a second term.

Other roles as follows Ann Lowrie (vice-president), Joy Weller (secretary), Pauline Humbert (treasurer) and Annie Haines (tournament secretary).

The club’s annual general meeting was held last Monday and attracted a small gathering of club stalwarts.

Elections: President: Russell Shawcross. Senior vice-president: Ray Hanson. Junior vice-president: Neil Haines. Treasurer: Alan Kauffmover. Secretary: Neil Haines. Tournament secretary: Chris Stewart. Club selectors: Kauffman, Haines, Phillip Cunnington.

There was a slight interruption to the meeting as two members almost fell off their chairs when it was revealed that the CVBD Board had overruled the notice of motion that had been passed at the CVBD March meeting regarding the number of pennant rounds for next season.

Apparently this has been changed from the voted 17 rounds to 14 rounds.

Tournament Secretary Chris Stewart mentioned that in the infancy of the movement to the region, division and board set-up, he was informed by a senior member of the establishment, that ‘‘the board would not be dictated to by the clubs’’.

Therefore members are required to have knowledge of the current constitution.

The club hopes to field two pennant teams this forthcoming 2019-20 season in section 2 and section 4.

Tournament dates are being prepared for submitting to the CVBD.


Indoor social bowls

Tuesday June 4: Winners — Kath Dobsen, Audrey Matchett, Neil Hardy and Bill Musgove. Runners-up — Merle Clancy, Pam Kerr, Pay Reyment and Ivy Nash.

Sunday June 9: Winners — Pat Benson, Fay Leahy and Peter Pavone. Runners-up — Pam Kerr, Neil Hardy and Pam Reyment.

Outdoor bowls

Tuesday June 4 – Alby Matthews triples: Winners — David Lonnie, Wayne Whitney and John Shaw. Runners-up — Greg Pettigrove, Rod Allen and Bernard O’Connell. Consolation — Colin Struthers, Ken Sipthorp and John Solomon/Gordon Johnston, Kevin Connolly and George Abraham.

Thursday June 6 - Ladies scroungers: Winner — Irene Lacis. Runner-up — Rhonda Solomon.

Men’s pairs: Winners — Ben Franklin and Rob Neely. Runners-up — Greg Pettigrove and Graham O’Brien. Consolation — George Thornley, Tony Hawley, Sir K. Maynard and Alan Jones.

Saturday June 9 – Open pairs: Winners — Rob Neely and Kevin Connolly. Runners-up — Lyn Snell and Tony Hawley. Consolation: Alan Jones and Lorna Jones.

Roast mixed pairs: Winners — Elise Bennett, Lindsay Trounce and Tony Hawley. Runners-up — Irene Lacis and Mike Bakof. Consolation — Shirley Riters and Rob Neely/Ann Lynch and Greg Chandler.

Rich River

Two game winners

1st: Bill McEwan and John James, 57 points/23 shots up, 2nd: Roy Berryman and Vic Woods, 55 points/12 shots up, 3rd: Ashley French and Peter Jackson, 53 points/ 11 shots up.


1st: Franco Perissinotto and Robert King, 10 ends won/23 shots up, 2nd: Peter Moon and Adrian Costello, 10 ends won/17 shots up, 3rd: Graeme Williams and Keith Rowan, 6 ends won/4 shots up

Just a reminder that until further notice, Wednesday jackpot pairs will be starting at 12 noon each week, with the number of ends to be played decided prior to commencement, subject to the prevailing weather conditions on the day.

Moama RSL

In all, 22 players played three games of 10 ends.

The winners on 49 points were Roy Prigg, B Guardo and Helen Salter.

Runners-up with 38 points were T O’Dwyer, D Beer and M Kaine.

Consolation prizes went to A Haw, D Lee, P Kerr and C O’Callaghan.

Pennant results

Rochester Green v Moama BC — 40/62

Moama RSL v Rochester Red — 65/51

Bamawm Extn (bye)

Ladder: Moama BC 32, Bamawm Extn 21, Moama RSL 20, Rochester Red 17, Rochester Green 10.

Senior Citizens

Last week’s winners were Bev Williamson (s), John Fatone and Shirley Davis.

Runners-up were Helen Salter (s) and Joan Hales.

New members are always welcome.