Roo speared by arrow and left to die

By McIvor Times

A CRUEL hunter took advantage of a helpless kangaroo in Heathcote on the weekend, spearing it with an arrow and leaving it to die.

The arrow looked to be fired from some distance away and was lodged in the dead kangaroo’s abdomen.

Local John Robertson was doing his weekly check on his dam at his property between the Northern Highway and national park when he made the discovery.

“We live on a 23 acre block, so we get plenty of wildlife around,” he said.

“We often hear cars going up there late at night and think ‘what on earth could they be doing?’

“I was checking on the dam and saw this kangaroo, I initially thought it was just a dead kangaroo, but then I saw the arrow.

“I couldn’t believe it, and when I went and put it on Facebook I had about 120 responses and they couldn’t believe it either.”

John said in his time working with wildlife and living on his large block, he had grown to understand kangaroos and other animals can be a nuisance.

“They can be destructive around here, but there is a way to go about things. And killing animals with an arrow is not the right way,” John said.

After a quick phone call to the police, John was forwarded on to a local wildlife centre.

“The man who would usually handle this sort of thing is going to call me back to work out the best way of doing things.

“I don’t know what can be done about it now, the animal had been dead for a number of days, I guess I just want people to know this is unacceptable.

“I am not a ‘greenie’ or anything like that I just know what is right and wrong and doing something like this to an animal is wrong.”

John said if he caught up to the culprits, he would have one simple question.

“I would just ask them why? Why would they do something like that?”