Roo with a street view

By Kyabram Free Press

IT WASN’T a case of ‘tie me kangaroo down, sport’ in a Kyabram residential area last week.

More like ‘chase me kangaroo down, sport’.

A big grey roo did a couple of laps of south Saunders St and Tehan Ave and also Sheridan Place, watched by some startled onlookers on Monday of last week at about 5pm.

Former Free Press employee Nicole Fraser was visiting her parents at the time and pursued the roo from a distance to get these snaps on her phone.

Watched by a curious audience the marsupial doubled back and headed for more cover in the greenbelt adjoining the Kyabram trotting track at the southern end of Saunders St. After that, its whereabouts were unknown.

It’s not the first time a roo has been spotted around the Kyabram streets in recent times.

One has paid the Kyabram hospital a couple of late-night visits, which did spark a prowler alert until it was spotted and identified, while a couple of weeks ago another one — or was it the same one? — was spotted early one morning hopping around in the Bradley St-Edis St area.

Maybe its an escapee from the Kyabram Fauna Park but the other popular theory is that he/she may have moved closer to residential areas to find some green food because of the dry conditions.