Rochester Primary School

By Campaspe News

Rochester Primary School

Under the Big Top

THE magnificent cast, including all students and a cameo staff appearance, will return to the stage in this year’s school production – Under the Big Top. This is a circus-themed drama/dance production that really showcases the talent of all students. They have been practising all term under the watchful eye of Sophie Quinn, a professional dancer and choreographer from the STOMP dance company. The music and dances are modern and high energy.

The story is set in a rural town called Rochester when a couple of bored kids notice the circus has come to town. The boredom disappears as the magic of the circus takes over. Our evening performance will see the curtain go up at 7pm on Thursday night at CVC. Tickets are $20 for a family and $5 for adults and secondary school students.

Some years ago we moved from dramatic productions to dance-based ones and included all students from prep to grade six. Dance is a great way to bring everyone together, and the laughter and smiles on the dancers faces reinforces that this was the right way to go. The staff were challenged to have their own dance at the last production and this has given us an understanding and empathy for what we are asking our students to do. It has also created a fair bit of laughter within the staff at practice sessions where there is definitely a range of dancing abilities.

Our new synthetic grass play surface

WITH great support from the Bendigo Community Bank we have been able to resurface our old asphalt basketball/netball court. The Community Bank has sponsored this project with a $10,000 grant. Without this we would be fundraising for at least another year. The school and our community are proud to be part of the bank’s program.

In line with the bank’s sense of community we expect that the new court area will be used by many members of our community. This week the new cutting edge synthetic grass surface was put in place. Our students now have a modern and safe play surface.