The spotlight shone on the need for aged care at the REDHS 25th AGM

By Kimberley Price

LAST Thursday night, REDHS held its 25th annual general meeting.

With a large turnout for the event, the board of directors went through the program for the evening.

After holding a string of community events throughout the year, the REDHS auxiliary presented a cheque of $21,000. This money will be used predominately by the REDHS gym, social committee and acute care unit.

Board chair Dr Carol McKinstry spoke of the numerous ways REDHS had expanded in the past year. From bringing the total of graduate nursing positions to five and increasing the hospital’s response time to family violence, to tripling the hours in home care services and proudly boasting a ‘healthy choice’ menu in the cafe, 2018 has been an enormous year for REDHS.

In terms of finances, treasurer Jodie Smith announced REDHS achieved an operating result of $150,000, which was above the target set last year.

Guest speaker Alison Hallahan, principal of Biruu Health, has been working closely with REDHS to advance their aged care plans for the future. After collecting local data and statistics about the way the communities REDHS serves will expand, Ms Hallahan presented some of her findings and recommendations.

She pointed out the Rochester, Elmore and surrounding communities are ageing, yet people are wanting to stay at home longer. Therefore, there is a greater need for home care services.

Ms Hallahan will present her final report to the REDHS board for their consideration in the coming months.