Pony Club saddles up for big day of events

By McIvor Times

SUNDAY, March 24 marked an exciting day for the Heathcote and District Pony Club (HPC), as it played host to the Lowden Family Shield, an annual inter-pony club event in the central zone.

The event hosted 90 riders and their families from 20 clubs. Held at the Heathcote Showgrounds, individual riders and their mounts competed in their age groups for points aggregated for an overall club winner.

Riders showcased their skills in show jumping, games, fancy dress and show riding. For the first time, non-riders were able to participate. The winning club for 2019 was Riddells Creek Pony Club, followed by Oaklands Pony Club at Greenvale.

Spokesperson for the HPC, Ruth Walker-Austin, said: “With many participants and their support of family and friends it was a great day for the Heathcote and District Pony Club.

“As we are a small club and only re-formed in the last two years it was great to see such a turnout, and our young riders do so well.

“Overall Heathcote Pony Club with its five participants for the day came 8th out of 20 different clubs participating. This was an awesome effort from our young members, who are all under nine.”

The Heathcote Showgrounds and its big shady trees alongside the arena were very popular with visitors. HPC parents, members and supporters worked hard to ensure it all ran smoothly and was a fun day. They received support from local groups and organisations, including Heathcote Primary School for the chalk liner to mark out the rings, and the Heathcote Agriculture Society for the use of the grounds and their help in preparing the grounds for the day.

Others who offered support: Gaggle of Geese, Stokers Dairy, McIvor Meats, IGA Heathcote, Segafredo Bakery, Steve Brennan, Moorabbee Lodge Caravan Park, Vince Marino for the PA and the great volunteers who helped in the lead-up, on the day and at the massive clean-up.

“It is so good to see how such a small club can bring so much enjoyment to our members by hosting such an event,” Ruth Walker-Austin said. “We hope to host other events in the future as they are rotated throughout the zone.”

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