Nanneella Estate Primary School

By Campaspe News

Nanneella Estate Primary School

THIS year Nanneella Estate Primary School have been very lucky to be part of DUET: an in-school teacher music mentoring program offered to Victorian government primary and specialist schools by The Song Room.

The DUET program includes a teaching artist, in their case Florence (Flo) Bourke, delivering a music education program at the school one day a week, as well as active in-class mentoring for their music teacher, Mrs Kemp, and access to digital music education resources for all of our staff members.

‘‘Song room is actually probably the best-ever experience because Flo teachs us all sorts of things, like we use our voices as instruments and actual instruments and we do some exercises and we stretch out and do exercises before we start and it’s really fun,’’ Nanneella student Bella Church said.

The DUET program will conclude at the end of Semester 1, when students invite the school’s community to a Music Day, which will celebrate all of their achievements and fun times spent with Flo.

There will be music performances, workshops run by the students of Nanneella, talent shows and busking opportunities for anyone interested.

All silver and gold coins collected on the day will go towards the State Schools Relief Fund.

If you play a musical instrument or enjoy singing, dancing and performing, then the students hope to see you at Nanneella Estate Primary School on Friday, June 28, between 11am and 1pm.