Water videos available

By Rodney Woods

A series of how-to videos are now available to help local farmers best manage their most important agricultural asset — water.

Produced as a joint initiative between Tatura businesses Goulburn-Murray Water (G-MW) and Murray Dairy, the six videos will allow farmers to brush up on their water management knowledge.

‘‘Today’s farmers recognise that a good working knowledge of water management is increasingly important to get the most effective and efficient use of their entitlement from day to day and season to season,’’ G-MW chair Diane James said.

‘‘However, the complexities of water shares, allocation and carryover, for example, or the different rules that govern water trade, can be a bit overwhelming.’’

Murray Dairy’s chair Karen Moroney said the videos were produced to fill a gap in information that was readily accessible and easy to understand.

‘‘There is lots of government and industry material available on aspects of water management like trade and carryover, but it’s difficult to find accessible, up-to-date information all in one place,’’ she said.

‘‘The videos provide practical explanations on different aspects of water management.

‘‘Farmers can work through the series of videos to find the information that’s relevant to them.’’

The videos can be accessed from G-MW ( and Murray Dairy’s ( websites as well as on the organisation’s social media sites.

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