On the road again

By Robert Muir

For the last 30 years Grant (John) Cadoret has walked from Victoria to Queensland and back many times.

“I’ve been on the road 40 years,” he told the Yarrawonga Chronicle. “For the last 30 years I’ve just walked. Before that, it was walking and hitch-hiking.”

With not much more than bare essentials, John arrived in Yarrawonga last Friday morning after camping on the outskirts of Lake Mulwala the night before. After a short break, he headed for Rutherglen before Howlong.

“I live off the road, pick up a few coins, people stop and have a chat, give me a little money or food,” he said. 

John grew up in Minyip, attended school in Warracknabeal and joined the Commonwealth Bank in Melbourne.

“I worked in the bank for four-and-a-half years,” the now 64-year-old single man all his life said. “I didn’t want to sit behind a desk for 20 years so I had a three-month holiday hitch-hiking Australia.”

Family members of John’s now reside in Ballarat and he sees them from time to time. When asked if it became lonely, John emphatically responded, “I never get lonely. I just enjoy it. Nothing much worries me. I go through a few boots. I have a few books.” 

What about the extremes of weather? “I have tarps. Many years ago I experienced 40 inches of rain in Coffs Harbour!”

John’s route between Victoria and Queensland is basically the same but he does “zig zag” depending on how he’s feeling.

The route, however, usually takes in Yarrawonga/Mulwala where, like in some other towns, he has a few friends he calls on.