An Autumn Day by Betty Milligan

By Simon Ruppert

This week's entry into Benalla Poet's Corner is a topical poem about living through a pandemic.

Enjoy An Autumn Day by Benalla's Betty Milligan.

It was a sunny Autumn day as I walked along the lake.
The exercise area was empty due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Red and white tape issued a warning, that using it is banned.
All restrictions put in place are much the same across the lands.
This curse called corona, or COVID-19 to use its scientific name
Has spread its invisible tentacles as it plays its lethal game.
Few now walk the streets without some justification,
As everyone must do there bit to stop this infestation.
We must practice social distancing and be aware of good hygiene
Sanitising or washing hands with soap and water, a safe routine.
For those in nonessential jobs we must stay home in isolation,
But we can all help each other make the most of this situation.
And besides, think of all those nuisance jobs you haven’t done.
Or get yourself a dose of vitamin D, by relaxing in the sun.
Flying solo can be difficult for those who are living home alone,
But there’s Skype, Face time, Zoom and of course the telephone.
Now that we are almost through the tunnel, there is light ahead,
The fear is gradually fading and being replaced with hope instead.
So as I leave the lake behind me and my home is within my sight
I believe we’ll have our freedom and the world will win the fight.
And all the tapes will be removed as we reclaim our rightful space.
So once again together we can mix and mingle,... and embrace.

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