Teacher dresses up to greet students

By Simon Ruppert

St Joseph's Primary School deputy principal Leigh Symons has been brightening students’ days by dressing up at drop-off time.

School principal Trish Merlo said the idea came about to offer some balance to all the doom and gloom around regarding COVID-19.

“One of the kids suggested that Leigh should wear a bow-tie one day,” Ms Merlo said.

“As time went by the costumes grew.

“Leigh has dressed up as all sorts of things.

“He’s been a doctor, a clown, a tiger, and one day he had a pig costume.

“Today he started as a frog and ended up as queen, so goodness knows how that happened!

“And the kids have loved it.

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“Many have been walking past the other entrance to see what Mr Symons had on today.”

Ms Merlo said the parents and families had also got a kick out of Mr Symons’ costumes.

“He has been at the car drop-off and pick-up and the parents are all looking over to see what he is wearing today,” she said.

“There's been lots of laughter and it has been some fun for students who have had to deal with some big changes throughout the pandemic.”

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