Plenty of room at the Hotel Barooga

By Cobram Courier

With the state of affairs surrounding bushfires in Victoria and NSW, the team at Barooga Hotel is pitching in to help, putting on a night for the firemen risking their lives in the region.

On Tuesday, January 21, 50 per cent of proceeds from every meal bought will be donated to the local RFS/CFA, while raffles will be running throughout the day with exceptional prizes on offer.

Setting a challenge to the public, owners Kath and Glenn Gardiner are hoping to raise around $5000 from the appeal – but will need the help of the public to achieve the goal.

With raffle tickets already available and donation tins present, when the day arrives, Mr and Mrs Gardiner want to see as many locals supporting the event.

“We are a fairly charity driven pub anyway, we do fundraisers every two or three months, and this is one of the more deserving causes,” they said.

“In the greater scheme of things, not a lot, but a lot of little things add up to some big things.

“There will be donation tins there, there will be raffles that people can enter into, so even if you’re not going to have a meal come in and try to attempt to do one of those things.”