“Beautiful” orchids make their mark

By Corowa Free Press

The collaboration between the Albury-Wodonga and District Orchid Club and the Wangaratta and Wagga Wagga orchid societies is bringing to Corowa the second rendition of the Three Rivers Orchid Show.

The exquisite display of orchids will be held in the Oddfellows Hall, where there’ll be potting demonstrations, workshops and advice sessions over the November 17 and 18 weekend. 

“We named the show Three Rivers because the towns involved are associated with the Murray River, Ovens River and Murrumbidgee River,” Norm Gardner, chairman of the Three Rivers Orchid Show, told The Free Press. 

“Members of each of those orchid societies come to present orchids that we normally wouldn’t show at the autumn or spring shows. They’re different, outstanding orchids that we have now that grow at this time of the year.

“The reason I started this show was because we can present orchids at this time of the year that don’t usually bloom at other stages of the year. 

“Everyone agreed to doing it because it’s a unique plant, people say ‘grow this stuff’ and a lot of people really enjoy looking at them.

“There’ll be around 350 orchids on display.”

The unique orchid, a predominately indoor plant, comprises the largest family of flowering plants on earth.

There are nearly 30,000 different species of orchids around the world. The diversity, complexity and beauty of these flowers are unrivalled. 

Asking what specific types of orchids there are would be like asking what type of people there are in the world. Orchids come in a plethora of different colors, species and hybrids, sizes and genera from around the globe.  

There’s also more to the orchid than meets the eye; they come in every colour imaginable except for black and they also produce vanilla. 

“It’s a really good hobby to have,” Mr Gardner said.

“They’re beautiful flowers and very interesting to look at. 

“Anybody who is interested in gardening, orchids or any flowers, we’ll have demos on how to flower them and how to pop them up. People will also be able to talk to experts and there’s going to be plenty of photography and floral art around.” 

There will be judges from Melbourne and Sydney present over the show’s weekend who will analyse each orchid.  

Mr Gardner said the “Federation Council have been very kind to us”, supporting the orchid clubs and allowing the event to prosper. 

Orchids have for decades been attracting national awards as outstanding specimens. 

The Three Rivers Orchid Show is a great social event offering orchid enthusiasts the opportunity of showing a diverse array of orchids flowering later than the norm in the spring period.  

Most orchids bloom once a year and remain in bloom for six to 10 weeks. They are the most diverse flower in the world due to their ability to adapt to any given environment. 

For more information concerning the Three Rivers Orchid Show, contact Norm Gardner on 0407 099 395. General admission sot is $5 and under 16s go free.