Take your trash – keep our rivers clean

By Corowa Free Press

Federation Council is targeting litter reduction in 2020 and you can be part of the solution.  

‘Don’t be a Tosser!’ It’s a simple message, but many people make excuses to justify their littering behaviour.  

This summer you may be enjoying an ice cream, a cold drink or having a picnic with family and friends by the Murray River, or in any of our many fantastic outdoor areas. Please think about your rubbish and put it in the bin. 

“We are working to reduce litter in 2020 by stepping up litter enforcement patrols at recreation reserves and other high use areas,” Federation Council Mayor Pat Bourke said.

“Federation Council is installing a new compactor bin in early February at Kyffins Reserve boat ramp and increasing signage to help you dispose of rubbish properly, so it doesn’t end up in our rivers and waterways.” 

Compactor bins are an innovative solution to prevent litter blowing out of bins. These bins also improve waste management efficiency by compacting bin waste and sending electronic alerts when they need emptying. 

Federation Council is a member of the Riverina and Murray Joint Organisation (RAMJO) Murray Waste Group which received funding from the NSW EPA ‘Waste Less, Recycle More’ initiative funded from the waste levy to reduce litter entering the Murray River. 

You are encouraged to report littering via the EPA website and sharing the message ‘Don’t be a tosser!’  

“You can also help us understand why people litter in our communities. Complete the five-minute community survey to help us understand high litter areas along the Murray River,” the mayor urged.