A blooming act of kindness

By Adrienne Hartnett

During the toughest of times, a small act of kindness can go a long way.

For local florist Katie Massari, her small act of kindness has brightened the streets of Corowa.

Early last week, Katie, of Poppy Emporium, and her two daughters Poppy and Ivy, used leftover flowers to create small arrangements dubbed ‘little bottles of love’ and delivered them to various locations in Sanger Street.

With the threat of coronavirus looming over the community, Katie decided it was time to put smiles back on people’s faces. 

The kind gesture saw an outpouring of love and support from locals, who praised the efforts of Katie and her daughters, with some people offering to pay for the flowers.   

“I have been overwhelmed by the response from the Corowa community. I cannot believe it. It has just been incredible and I am very grateful,” Katie said.  

The momentum continued for Katie, when local suppliers Dom and Santina, of Riverina Wholesale Flowers, generously gifted flowers to be used for more donations.  

Katie created another 40 flower arrangements and with the help of her daughters, delivered them around Corowa last Friday (carefully practising social distancing rules). 

“We went for a drive around and people were out in their gardens so we threw the flowers out to them,” Katie said. 

Bunches were also left outside shop locations in the main street for locals to find. 

Katie’s act of kindness, in turn helped her business in a period of economic struggle.  

“In a particularly difficult time, it has become the best week in business for me.
“The feedback from the community has been amazing. We will get through this tough time together.”