100 Club winners

By Corowa Free Press

CDHBU Power held its 100 Club final draw at the Newmarket Hotel on Saturday, October 19, with the following winners:

1st – John Carrol (35)

2nd –Tom Webb (80)

3rd – Kane Mills (81)

4th – Dean Fitzgerald (7)

5th – Rod and Cherryl Lavis (74)

6th – Peter and Val Sheridan (72)

7th – Don Norman (78)

8th – Anthony Carroll (2)

Special thanks to everyone who helped run the function, especially Chris Scott, Glenn Chester, Patty Minogue, Karie and Ian Playford.  Thanks to all ticket holders for their ongoing support and to the Newmarket Hotel for their Hospitality.

That’s all for the 2019 season, we thank The Free Press for their help throughout the past twelve months and look forward to 2020.