Last week to dig deep

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

He’s doubled his distance goal and increased his fundraising goal by one third, and Boddie Arthur is urging locals to dig deep to support multiple sclerosis research and support the final week of The May 50K challenge.

Arthur’s original goal was to raise $600 while clocking up 50km running throughout May.

When donations starting rolling in before the start of May he increased his goals to try and raise as much for the cause as he could.

With this week remaining in the challenge, Arthur is just 10km from his 100km goal.

He’s also $62 shy of reaching his new fundraising goal of $900.

The 30 year-old said the donor who sees him reach or exceed his fundraising goal will get to choose his costume for his final run.

But he’s promised to run in costume even if he falls short.

‘‘The ‘winner’ will get to pick from a couple of options for me to run in, for my last 2km,’’ he said.

‘‘We all know that everyone would like to see me in a different footy jumper other than the Carlton Blues.

‘‘And if I don’t get to my donation goal, I am going to put the name of everyone who donated into a hat and draw it out.’’

With temperatures this month being as low as 0.8°C, and with 24mm of rain so far in May, the running conditions have been challenging for Arthur.

But he said it’s also provided the drive he needed to achieve his daily distance goals, and therefore the awareness of the cause.

‘‘This has been a really good challenge.

‘‘Last week was especially hard because of the cold nights and wind we have had, but it makes you work harder to get the distance.

‘‘In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that more  people are talking about MS or they are taking notice of what has been published in the paper or on social media.’’

To donate to Arthur’s fundraiser, go to

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Also participating in The May 50K challenge is a group of 10 people, led by Deniliquin’s Kiss Goodbye to MS fundraiser coordinator Robbie Landale.

The team, called This Year In Deni, has so far clocked up a combined 372km.

The team has so far raised $4590, and hope to get to $5000 by the end of this week.

Landale is the team’s biggest fundraiser so far, having collected $2358.  Next is Eliza Eastman, who has raised $1062.

To donate to the team, go to