Ron Pell’s legacy will live on

By Alex Gretgrix

AFTER decades of dedicated service with the Echuca Group of Bendigo Legacy, Ron Pell's own name will live on after his family donated a quilt to the organisation recently.

The quilt, which features images of poppies in a field and silhouettes of soldiers, is not only a salute to Ron but to so many others.

“This is a tribute to Ron and his contribution to Legacy, but also a tribute to the families of and the fallen soldiers,” Echuca Legacy chairman Harry Sheppard said.

“We do this work not for the accolades, but we do it for our fallen comrades and we’ve taken on the responsibility to look after their loved ones.

“Ron has done it tirelessly and thanklessly for so many years.”

And Ron wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I was asked to join the group all those many years ago and I’ve loved being a part of such a great organisation,” Ron said.

“I may not be as active these days, but I used to love visiting the 17 ladies I looked after at one time. I was there to answer any questions they had or direct them in the right direction to get the best advice.

“Legacy is a great organisation because we’re a group of men all with the same ideas working towards helping families where we can.”

Ron's daughters, Helen Forbes and Christine Smith, enlisted the help of Elaine Sturmfels to create the quilt.

“I saw one of Elaine’s previous quilts she had made and I just knew I had to get one made for dad,” Christine said.

Christine approached Elaine with fabric in hand and she was able to complete the task in just under two weeks.

“I wanted to do it because Legacy is such an important part of the community and we often forget about our fallen,” Elaine said.

“The quilt is a way of bringing about the honour and respect the group deserves as well as the recognition for everything they do.”

It is yet to be determined where the quilt will be displayed.