Care centre in full bloom

By Daniel Hughes

Almost 100 people took advantage of the opportunity to see behind the scenes at Finley Regional Care at its recent open garden day.
Residents, their family and friends and other visitors were treated to delicious food and live entertainment in the aged care facility’s gardens in beautiful weather on October 31.
CEO Ben Levesque said it was great to see so many people taking an interest in the facility and its services.
‘‘There were about 30 people who have no ties to us who came through simply to see our facilities and ask questions,’’ Mr Levesque said.
‘‘We celebrated the day with a morning tea and a barbecue lunch with some live music as well.’’
Guests could tour the facilities and meet and speak with staff.
There was also a chance to get some early Christmas presents at the Finley Regional Care Auxiliary’s stall.
‘‘It was a positive experience for everyone who attended,’’ executive director of operations Nathan Willoughby said.
‘‘We created a nice and relaxed environment for visitors and you could tell that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.’’