Mud run fun

By Daniel Hughes

A ‘Tough It For Timor Mud Run’ fundraiser will be held in Finley this Saturday.
The event will help 10 local Finley High School students provide medical and education supplies to the families of Timor Leste.
The fundraiser will support the school’s Timor Leste Immersion Program, which will see Jemma Coombs, Abbey Marshall, Meg Marsden, Niamh Mason, Lily Sharp, Clay Webb, Will Sexton, Justin Lawton, Sarah Orro and Elle Rochford visit the country to deliver the supplies.
They will be accompanied by Rhett Armstrong, Kelly Lawlor and Lisa Small for the fifth immersion program to leave from Finley.
Program coordinator Yasmine McGrath said the students have a goal of raising $30,000.
She said the mud run at the showgrounds is just one of their volunteer projects to reach that goal.
“It will be a 5km track with lots of obstacles and fun for everyone,” Ms McGrath said.
“The ball drop will also be fun. We are going to sell golf balls with individual numbers on them and on the day we’ll send up a helicopter with all of the balls and have them dropped onto a spot.
“The owner of the ball that lands on or closest to the dot will receive a cash prize.
“All of the events the kids run are terrific. We try and centre them all around community participation and everyone having a bit of fun.
“It just happens that we fundraise at the events we put on, but it’s about the students taking control of this trip - they organise all the events, liaise with the companies and the organisations for the hire of venues.”
All proceeds from the events are donated to the Timor Leste community, with students paying for their own trip.
“That’s what makes this trip so special; all the money raised is spent fuelling the local economy and community. Whether it’s to pay for taxis, host families or for medical and education supplies, all the money raised will be used whilst over there,” Ms McGrath said.
“Last trip the students made the decision to donate more than $5000 US to help construct a new HIV medical centre.
“I think it’s really important the students have this experience, to see what a third world country looks like, to immerse themselves in their culture and to learn.
“They pair up and do home stays while they’re over there so they see first hand just how much the money they raise helps.”
The mud run will share the Finley Showgrounds with the Finley Community Market.