Red alert continues

By Daniel Hughes

A Blue Green Algae red alert is still in place in the Murray River at Tocumwal.

The algae cell count reached more than 115,000 cells per megalitre last week, prompting a warning to Tocumwal residents to avoid direct human and livestock contact.

At the time if going to print yesterday, Water NSW data showed the potentially toxic council had reduced to 85,490 cells/ML.

The count does fluctuate from day to day.

Berrigan Shire Council is working on counter measures to reduce the impact on town water supplied, using powdered activated carbon (PAC).

‘The council is continuing to dose PAC in Barooga, Berrigan, Finley and Tocumwal to combat blue green algae,’’ council’s director technical services Matt Clarke said.

‘‘A taste and odour may come as a result from water treatment processes for the production of drinking water.

‘‘Council had not had counts of Anabena below 5000 cells per megalitre - which is the commence PAC dosing level - in Tocumwal since January of this year.”