School community on the way to making 200 face masks

By Daniel Hughes

The Finley High School community has jumped on board with a community project to make face masks for Finley Regional Care.

Teacher Chloe Treacy, students and other community members will need to make at least 200 of the washable masks.

Miss Treacy, who is the school’s textiles and food tech teacher, said she was happy to oblige when principal Jeff Ward made her aware of the project.

She said more than 70 masks have already been completed, but materials are needed to finish more.

‘‘We’ve been sewing every lunch-time for the last week. I have some regular students attending, but we also have some others come and help out when they can,’’ Miss Treacy said.

‘‘I also asked at a recent CWA meeting if others were interested in helping, so we have committee members taking wool home to make masks.

‘‘All the material has been donated by friends and family of the Finley Regional Care residents, but we are running out of elastic. We will have to source that online.

‘‘We’ve finished about 70 masks so far, but we have more than 100 waiting to be finished when the elastic arrives.

‘‘All the students are doing a great job.

‘‘We have a production line set up when we make them. The most difficult and time consuming part is cutting the material.

‘‘It takes about 10 minutes to make each mask, and making 200 will be a good effort. We will likely be finished them in about two weeks.’’

Miss Treacy said the added advantage of the project is getting to know her community better.

She came to Finley and the school earlier this year from Condobolin.

‘‘Not only do I get to do a good public service and encourage the children to be involved in a worthwhile project, it has also opened me up to building more relationships within the community. That is nice for me since I’m new to town.’’