Report of false Vinnies doorknocker in Kyabram

By James Arbuthnott

A KYABRAM resident has reported that a young man impersonating a St Vincent de Paul collection officer has been asking for donations towards bushfire relief.

Phil Nicholson from St Vinnies in Kyabram received the report that a man in his 20s to 30s had been door-knocking with a plastic beach bucket and an imitation St Vinnies name tag.

“We don't have any collectors going round door-to-door at all, it's giving us a bad name" Mr Nicholson said.

“The report said the man had on some form of a St Vincent's identification badge, but I'm sure it's not an official one.”

Mr Nicholson urged residents in Kyabram and surrounds to not donate to anyone door-knocking for St Vincent de Paul.

If you would like to donate to St Vincent de Paul's bushfire relief, donations can be made at the Vinnies shop at 111 Allan St, Kyabram or online.