Dancing queen is taking centre stage

By Shepparton News

Making her way in the big, wide world is 18-year-old Nathalia dancing queen Kasey Brinsdon, who talks to Weekend Life about finding her passion, managing stress and how she copes with the ups and downs of a full-time dance course.

Pursuing her passion in the dance field, she is currently undertaking the Global Dance Pro full-time course on the Gold Coast.

Kasey’s drive and pursuit of her dreams is a product of her obvious love for dancing, while her infectious attitude to life and ambitions for the future shine through in all that she does.

Year 10 work experience student from St Mary of the Angels Secondary College in Nathalia, Chloe Bell, spoke to Kasey about her story, her goals for the future and the importance of finding your own personal motivation.

Weekend Life: To start, give us some background on your dance career so far.

Kasey: I started dancing when I was four years old at the Johnny Young Talent School on the Gold Coast. I always wanted to be a dancer I think, it’s just what I was born to do. I danced with U Can Dance in Shepparton for eight years, and then moved back to the Gold Coast this year by myself, as I was accepted into a full-time dance school.

Weekend Life: What are you doing at the moment and where do you hope the future leads?

Kasey: In February 2019 I was accepted into a full-time dance school on the Gold Coast that I had been following since Year 9, so 2016. I’m currently in week seven of the course and it is the most amazing experience of my life. I feel like I have danced to every style under the sun and I could feel myself improving so much by the third week. My huge goal is to dance back-up for live singers, in music videos, movies and television shows, just like my dance director Zac Brazenas does.

Weekend Life: How important do you think finding your passion is?

Kasey: Finding your passion is so important! Find what you love to do, find the drive to make yourself better, surround yourself with people who are just as passionate about the same thing as you and don’t give up on that passion. Your passion for something is what will keep you going in those rollercoaster of emotions. If you’re a dancer like me, I encourage you to find the love and passion you have for it, stand in front of the mirror and just move your body while telling yourself “you’re amazing”. Because with passion also comes confidence.

Weekend Life: Who or what is your biggest motivation?

Kasey: Jess Quinn, someone that has shaped me into the dancer I am today. I couldn’t be more grateful for the six years she spent teaching me. Vanessa Friscia, one of my current teachers right now, she pushes me to be better in a style I already feel confident in and the way that she moves her body and teaches how to move it is so amazing! Lastly, my mum for being so amazing and my biggest supporter, I’m so grateful for her. Oh and of course Michelle (Shellybob) Sheehan for being my biggest “fan”.

Weekend Life: How did you justify moving away from your family and the familiarity of home to pursue your dreams?

Kasey: Moving away from home, family and friends, to a different state, at 17 years of age, by myself, was not easy. I got homesick quite a lot, and I still do but it is getting easier. I know I have made the right decision though, because the city gives me so many opportunities to become better and to start a career.

Weekend Life: How are you coping with the stress on both your mind and body, going into such a full-on course? How do you manage this stress?

Kasey: My body was in so much pain for the first four weeks of the course, which led to lots of baths with salts and magnesium drinks to help soothe out those muscles. Going into the course with another 30 people that you don’t know was always stressful for me to think about, wondering what everyone’s styles would be like and who would be the strongest in what genre. You have to look after yourself every single day during this course, to avoid creating stress and injuring yourself.

Weekend Life: Looking back, what would be one tip you would have given yourself in preparation for this course?

Kasey: Definitely start getting fit at least a month in advance because we are doing some hard core exercises and workouts, every day. It wasn’t easy at first but I am getting used to it now, but I think I definitely could’ve stayed a bit more active leading up to the course.