Congupna crossing now safe

By James Bennett

Congupna Primary School students risking their lives crossing the road is becoming a thing of past.

Greater Shepparton City Council and VicRoads have responded to the serious concerns of parents that their children are in danger because of a lack of safety at the school's Katamatite-Shepparton Rd crossing and service road crossing.

As a result of the lobbying by the Congupna Primary School Parents Council and staff, pavement rutting on the Katamatite Shepparton Rd has being repaired.

School crossing out-stands were built on both sides of the main road as well as shifting red and white posts closer to the road to make it more visible for pedestrians and drivers.

Parents council president Andrew Miles said fencing and safety barriers had also being installed.

Mr Miles said a dangerous dead tree was removed near the service road and he was happy council representatives were "good to their word" after meeting in November.

“We're about three quarters of the way completed,” Mr Miles said.

“There has been kerb upgrades, a new traffic island, safety barriers.

“It's a good start to the year for the students.

“We'd like to see the remaining work completed as soon as possible but we're very happy with the response.”

Council's infrastructure director Phil Hoare said there has been improvements to line marking and painted yellow "no standing" lines.

“... a barrier line and increased signage on the service road,” he said.

“An extended ‘no standing’ marking, a barrier line and signage has also been installed on the north side of the crossing on the service road.

“In addition to this, council staff have applied to Regional Roads Victoria for approval to implement a 20 km/h speed limit on the service road.

“A speed cushion has been ordered and will be installed by council in the service road to slow vehicles down before they reach the crossing point adjacent to the school crossing.

“Council will also investigate heavy vehicles parking at the shoulder north of the school crossing on the west side of the Katamatite–Shepparton Main Rd, and will liaise with Regional Road Victoria staff about appropriate treatment.

“Council will check the table drain along the front of the school and rectify as required."

Mr Hoare said safe improvements would be a top agenda item at the mid-March Traffic Liaison Committee meeting.

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