Murchison drive-through flu jabs “for locals only” after out-of-towners try to book

By Charmayne Allison

Murchison Medical Clinic has clarified its new drive-through immunisation service is only for locals after a string of out-of-towners rang the clinic looking to book in appointments.

Practice manager Rachel Smith said locals within a 30-minute drive of Murchison could use the service, which aimed to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

“People have been contacting us from quite a distance hoping they can travel to us to get flu jabs here,” she said.

“We want to abide by the restrictions, we don't want people driving across regions to get a flu shot.

“The drive-through is mainly for our existing patients. They can book online as they do for regular appointments.

“However, we will take new patients – but our first priority is people within a 30-minute drive.”

Ms Smith said there had also been confusion around a "screening test" offered prior to the drive-through appointment.

“Patients will be sent an electronic reminder of their appointment which will include a survey – this is not testing whether people have COVID-19, as some people thought,” she said.

“Instead, the questionnaire will clarify whether people are feeling sick and prompt them on whether they should call the COVID-19 hotline.

“We don't want anyone with a cold, flu, fever or respiratory issues to come in.

“These patients need to telephone us or call the COVID-19 Victorian hotline on 1800 675 398 first and follow the advice given.”

Flu shots, swab testing and other injections will now be delivered by doctors and nurses to patients in cars at the Murchison clinic.

People must ring the clinic on 5826 2575 and make an appointment before using the service.