‘Right place, right time’ says local who saved woman’s life

By Spencer Fowler Steen

Coomboona's fish and chip shop hero, George Kontakos, still has not properly met the woman whose life he saved by dragging her from a burning car on Thursday.

But one thing is for certain — he does not want to make a fuss about it.

“I just had to do it, I didn’t think twice,” he said.

“If someone was in my position, I would’ve hoped someone would save me.”

Mr Kontakos said when he saw the burning car with the woman inside, the only thing he was thinking about was how to get her out.

“At the time I was just full of adrenaline — I wasn't thinking about anything else,” he said.

“So to break her out, I stomped on the windscreen.”

Completely gutted: Authorities said another few minutes, and she would have died.

After briefly talking with emergency services on the scene, his job done, Mr Kontakos left for home barely 15 minutes after he had saved the woman's life.

“I hope that she’s okay and everything’s good for her.

“I’m just glad I was there in the right place and the right time.”

Mr Kontakos works for his family-owned fish and chippery, Peter's Fish Shop, in Mooroopna — a business his father has had for 34 years.

Mr Kontakos said he returned to work as normal the day after the accident.

“I want everyone to help each other out, stick solid, and everything will be fine in the long run,” he said.