Police urge Shepparton motorists to slow down at roadwork sites

By Liz Mellino

Shepparton Highway Patrol is urging drivers to slow down when travelling through roadworks or construction sites around down.

The reminder comes following the establishment of multiple work sites around Shepparton during the past fortnight, with police frustrated by drivers failing to obey the 40 km/h reduced speed limits.

“At the moment there are plenty of council workers working in town, particularly in areas really close to the edge of the road,” Shepparton Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Mick Jarrett said.

“The 40 km/h zones are there for their safety and people are just not taking any notice of the signs, they're continuing through at 60 km/h putting the workers at risk.”

Sgt Jarrett said despite workers wearing hi-vis vests along with multiple road signs installed at each of the sites, drivers continued to disregard the speed reductions.

He reminded Greater Shepparton residents that police could and would continue to enforce these 40 km/h zones with penalties able to be given to drivers who were detected doing the wrong thing.

“If we come across these 40 km/h zones we will pull up there, check a few speeds and patrol it,” Sgt Jarrett said.

“The signs are there and they should be complied with, they're valid and even if the signs are only there for an hour if they are displayed then they are enforceable.”