Elmore gets new defibrillator thanks to generous charity groups

By Anna McGuinness

The Lions Club has been working hard — with the health of Elmore at heart.

After recognising a need for an easily accessible defibrillator in town, the club rallied the support of the Elmore Charity Ball Committee, which pitched in more than $1500 for the defibrillator, and the Rochester Ambulance Auxiliary, which also contributed.

The Lions Club used $1000 of the money raised through copious barbecues and field days for a new security camera to be placed above the defibrillator.

The machine was put in place on IGA’s shop front last Wednesday with a gathering of the community and the owner of IGA.

Club member Rhonda Whiteman said the location was chosen because it is right in the heart of town.

“A lot of the defibs in town are locked in buildings or take a bit to get to, we’re installing it outside the shop so it can be used after hours and because they have good security cameras,” she said.

The Lions Club is planning to hold defibrillator training for its members and the community in the future.