Sandhurst Diocese welcomes new changes to governance of Catholic schools

By Alex Gretgrix

SANDHURST Diocese bishop Shane Mackinlay has announced a new and exciting era in the governance of the Catholic Education Office.

Following six months of meetings, discussions and listening assemblies, a model of governance has been developed to best serve Catholic Education into the future.

From the beginning, parish priests, principals, school board chairs and Catholic Education Office staff have been part of the conversation.

“This is an important moment in the history of Catholic education in the Sandhurst Diocese,” Bishop Mackinlay said.

“The new model is critical to enhancing the governance processes and structures for Catholic education.

“With the widening responsibilities of our priests and the increasing demands of governance, it was imperative that we develop a new a model of governance for Sandhurst Catholic schools.

“I am confident that we have arrived at a governance model that will sustain and enrich the integral role of our Catholic education system in the life and ministry of our parishes for many years to come.”

School Governance Working Party (SGWP) chairperson Dr Dan White said he was satisfied with the interaction and feedback from stakeholders.

“It was critical that every person had the opportunity to have input into the discussions and assemblies,” he said.

“The success of the discussions was due to the integrity, respect and trust of all those involved.”

The SGWP was established in November 2019 to guide and inform the process.