GVBBL | Alex Mitchell’s Fantasy side

By Alex Mitchell

After a solid first week, Tarisai No More is all about consolidation this week.

Sitting third and eight points off the lead, the strategy for week two is all about backing in the stats and not going point-chasing and tearing my team apart in the process.

As is pretty clear, the biggest issue with my side this week is I only have 10 players that will be taking to the field, with the Vic Super Slam absolutely decimating my chances to field a full 11.

With James Nanopoulos playing for Dandenong, I've had to say goodbye to the great man and bring in Hamish ‘Hammer Time’ Winter-Irving, while Michael Archer comes in for Hadleigh Sirett to facilitate that trade.

Sirett's statistics remain appealing but seeing him bowl just three overs and not bat in the SRP Mud Dogs’ top-six made me question what opportunities he will get moving forward.

With this competition's questionable rules - three players from each team, one captain and two marquees that can't be from the same team - there was no actual way I could get to 11 players this week, and I'm willing to bet a lot of other teams will have the same issue.

So short-term pain, long-term gain I suppose; Seymour and McDonald will both be back for round three, and Seymour in particular looms as the very definition of a must own.

I needed a Hurley's Hotel Hound to make things work and, while I didn't love that Archer batted at eight, I adored his 16 runs off 10 balls and the fact he bowled four overs.

The captain's armband has been thrown to Jedd Wright after a nice return in week one, and the Crushers’ bowling line-up certainly looked like one he will be targeting.

With no McDonald and Oliver, he could also help himself to a few scalps, and his teammate Kyle Mueller takes the vice-captain reins in case Jedd has himself a well-earned day off.


Hamish Winter-Irving (Mud Dogs)

Michael Eckard (Panthers)

Kyle Humphrys (Panthers)

Jedd Wright (Hounds, c)

Kyle Mueller (Hounds, vc)

Michael Archer (Hounds)

Andrew Riordan (Crushers)

Ramadan Yze (Crushers)

Brendan Scott (Mud Dogs)

Joel Brett (Mud Dogs)

Josh McDonald (Crushers)

James Seymour (Panthers)

INS: Hamish Winter-Irving, Michael Archer.

OUTS: James Nanopoulos, Hadleigh Sirett.