Spreading love to the community

By Yarrawonga Chronicle

In this state of uncertainty and worry, everyone is looking for a bit of positive or happy news to keep us going.

In Yarrawonga a number of goodwill acts are occurring, helping a neighbour and putting a smile on the communities faces.

At Country Buddies Childcare and Kindergarten Centre, a small thing to assist those in need in the town is a donation basket, filled with those items that have been hard to obtain in supermarkets such as toilet paper, rice, pasta etc.

“It is a small way that we can help our families during this time,” a spokesperson of Country Buddies Yarrawonga said.

“Please only take what you need, considering others and the current situation. 

“Also if you wish to donate, please feel free to contribute to the basket. During this time, if we can be anything, we should be kind, considerate and positive.”

Another goodwill act that Country Buddies is encouraging is that of ‘adopting’ a healthcare worker.

A statement posted to the Adopt a Healthcare Worker Victoria page read:

Currently it looks like our medical system is going to be swamped by COVID-19 patients throughout 2020. For our healthcare workers (doctors, nurses etc) this means that they are going to be worked to exhaustion. 

If you know someone who works in healthcare, make a commitment NOW to look after them.

At the very least, it means checking in with them regularly. Working on the front line is going to take its toll so be there to support them.

Find out what will help them to function. Do they need you to prepare some meals they can freeze? 

Do they need you to pick up or look after their kids? Even if it’s on the one day they get off, so they can catch up on some sleep.

Do they need a shoulder to cry on? Someone to scrub their shower because it hasn’t been done in a month?

Talk to them early, because when they really need the help, they might not be in the right space to ask for help.

If everyone pitches in, then maybe we can reduce the impact COVID-19 will have on our communities.

“A lot of our beautiful families have been asking what they can do to help the community,” the Country Buddies Facebook said.
“This is a fantastic initiative to help our health care workers who are on the front line every day, working long and hard shifts and then returning home to their families.”

Another project happening in our town is that of Blooms of Yarrawonga creating smiles for the community. 

“We decided to follow this  act of kindness from Botanical Kate Sice in Hobart and share some love and smiles into our community,” Proprieter of Blooms Emma Jones said.

“If you find one of these, please enjoy and smile with our love.

“Daily drops of flowers in differing businesses in Yarrawonga and Mulwala as well as just around random spots in the towns will be our act of kindness and love to all.
“In terms of the business we are now providing contact free deliveries.

“Delivering smiles, love, thoughts and little somethings to brighten days in these uncertain times.”

If you know of any other acts of kindness or goodwill, let us know so we can all spread some happiness in these uncertain times.